2018 Rider List

2018 Rider List

A listing of the riders for the Tour of Portugal 2018 as of 22nd January 2018:

ChristopherWakehamRally Pro Class
SteveMcEwanRally Pro Class
MartinWalkerRally Pro Class
KeithJarvisRally Sport Class
RobbieWallaceRally Pro Class
MarcosBermudezAdventure Roadbook
MichaelMesservyTour Class (GPS)
GrahamFlettRally Pro Class
KevinGurrRally Pro Class
DominicCliffordRally Pro Class
PaulJohnsTour Class (GPS)
PaulHoadRally Pro Class
AndyKingRally Sport Class
BenjaminMasonRally Pro Class
LeeMasonRally Pro Class
AndrewSillenceRally Pro Class
JamieNailardRally Sport Class
StevenScopesRally Pro Class
MarkBeattieAdventure Roadbook
RolfBeattieAdventure Roadbook
IanBeattieAdventure Roadbook
GregoryHOYRally Sport Class
PaulSmithRally Pro Class
PaulHarveyRally Pro Class
GrahamJungRally Pro Class
DuncanUreRally Pro Class
ChrisBarwickRally Pro Class
MartinBaynesRally Sport Class
GeorgeDennisonRally Pro Class
JonnyMorrisRally Pro Class
AustinWrenRally Sport Class
AndrewNewlandRally Pro Class
MikeWellsRally Pro Class
DaveChislettRally Pro Class
ChrisFosterRally Pro Class
JohnFreemanRally Pro Class
RobLoupartRally Pro Class
SamGloverRally Pro Class
  • “A great 3 days of roadbook rallying that really gives you an insight into competing internationally”

    Tony Ferrari – Tour of Portugal 2016

  • “A superbly organised event and I should know, I have done a few”

    Chris Barwick – Tour of Portugal 2016