Rider List

Riders list and class for the Tour of Portugal 2019

Kenneth LorimerPro
Alex GoldenPro
Richrd PerrottonSports
Ken CooperSports
Andrew SillencePro
Martin BennetSports
Jon SheppeyPro
John FodenPro
Albert ZandvoortPro
Chris BarwickPro
Mark BevanPro
Rob TaylorPro
Paul ClaytonPro
Quintin McLaughlinPro
Dan PreecePro
Gregory DavidsonPro
Tania DavidsonPro
Dvid LeachPro
Mike WellsPro
Jonny MorrisPro
  • “A great 3 days of roadbook rallying that really gives you an insight into competing internationally”

    Tony Ferrari – Tour of Portugal 2016

  • “A superbly organised event and I should know, I have done a few”

    Chris Barwick – Tour of Portugal 2016